How to overcome your fear of being too pliable and suggestible.

Fear of Being too Pliable

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How would your life change if you were less afraid of believing other people may be right?

Have you ever changed the way you felt about something based on what someone else told you and regretted it later? Have you had people in your life that you were concerned did not have your best interests at heart? Do you get defensive the minute someone tries to give you a different way of looking at things? How would it feel to be less defensive? How would your life change if you were less afraid of listening to other people’s opinions?

One thing I found over my life is that people are rigid in their thoughts and beliefs for several reasons. The one most applicable to this post is a fear of being too pliable. This fear is born out of having a past where you have changed your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, or opinions because of what someone said, did or how they made you feel. This change then led to negative consequences for you. These negative consequences built up and caused you to become rigid in your beliefs. To overcome this rigidity, I invite you to start being more open to the possibility that changing your mind is a good thing.

The next time someone tries to change your mind on something small that you know will not negatively affect you, I invite you to be open to the possibility of changing your mind. This will be an ongoing process with the time and effort you put into it being well spent. The end goal here is for you to develop the skills and the habits so that you are confident that people will not sway you for their gain. When you can develop that skill and habit, then it allows you to question everything. That empowers you to grow, change, succeed, and achieve more than you thought was ever possible.

We never know what great things we miss out on when we think we are never wrong.

How this applies to authentic empathy

When it comes to authentic empathy and the fear of being too pliable, I invite you to have a ton of authentic empathy for others. If you have a fear of being too pliable and that fear has turned into rigidity, people around you will struggle at first to believe you now want to hear and consider their opinion. They have become so accustomed to not being heard that they will struggle at first to give you their opinion. Approach them with authentic empathy and keep working on it and they will come around.

How this applies to WACASHWI

When it comes to WACASHWI and the fear of being too pliable, it will be a balancing act. The things you move on to and through your list will be things deeply personal to you. Things that you know will help you achieve your goals. This will lead you to being more resistant to hearing what others have to say, especially if it contradicts what you think you know. I invite you to consider that some people in your life may know you better than you know yourself. That is why being open to hearing someone’s opinion and then using the trust and verify method will be key to your success.

Your daily invitations…

  • I invite you to think about how rigid you are in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions.
  • I invite you to consider people who you would like to get more thoughts and opinions from.
  • I invite you to write down your thoughts, feelings, and actions in your journal.
  • I invite you to talk with the people you considered above, tell them what you are going though, empathize with them, help them empathize with you and make it as easy as you can for them to give you their opinions.

Final step – how will you implement one thing you learned today in your life?

This all is but one step in your journey to living a more stress-free life, beating the demons of fear, and raising your level of authentic empathy towards yourself and others.

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