Improved Relationship Quality: Your Journey to Authentic Empathy

If you are anything like me, you have looked at the concepts of understanding and empathy and believed they were one-in-the-same. What I have come to learn in recent years through some very painful experiences is the fact that understanding and empathy are not the same thing. Someone can understand you and still not be able to empathize with you. Also, I have discovered something deeper that changed my life. The feeling of authentic empathy. How would it feel for you to have people understand and empathize with you without them pitying you? How would your life be positively impacted if you discarded the stress of judgement? Would you like to know how to create lasting authentic empathy for yourself, for others and from others? Would you like to know some actions you could take if you do not experience authentic empathy for someone? Through my painful experiences, I have uncovered the answers to these questions and the keys to authentic empathy.

Key #1: Accept that Understanding and Empathy are not the same thing.
Key #2: Acknowledge the role fear plays.
Key #3: Admit when it is time to let go.
Key #4: Focus both outward and inward.
Key #5: Forgive yourself and others.

My presentations on this topic range from a short, TEDTalk-style to 90 minutes.

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