Chris M. Sprague – Information Technology Geek ⬧ Website Creator ⬧ Futurist ⬧ Strategist

The secret sauce I bring to the mix is looking at challenges and their solutions in a way that is different from most people which allows me to see the solutions that others miss.

However, just seeing the solution without being able to properly communicate it would be useless. That’s where my second gift comes in.

I have the knack of being able to effectively communicate solutions to all levels within the organization. I do this my correctly identifying the exact level of detail required for the person I’m talking to and then talk at their level and in their language.

This allows me to speak at a strategic level to the executives and a tactical level to the analysts.

When you add these two things to my work ethic, tenacity and innate curiosity, it’s a combination that spells success for any company who chooses to work with me.

I specialize in the following areas in the Information Technology space…

⬧Strategy Development and Execution
⬧Program Management
⬧Project Management
⬧Software Development
⬧WordPress Website Development, Support and Maintenance
⬧Custom WordPress Plugin Development
⬧Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

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