Here are my Top 5 Presentation Topics

Reduced Stress: WACASHWI – The Simple Method to Focus on What is Important

There are many things that cause stress. One of the major stressors in life is having too much on your to-do list. How many times have you taken a few days off only to realize that you have 2 weeks’ worth of things on your to-do list that all need to ‘get done now’. What if there were a way to reduce that list to only the things you will do now? What if there were a way to eliminate those things clogging up your to-do list and causing stress and friction in your life? What if there were a way to easily explain to your spouse why something they would like you to do either will not be done or will need to be done by someone else? What if there were a way to smooth over that conversation so that your spouse supports your decision?  That way exists and it is called the WACASHWI method.

The WCSW System – The Key to Getting the Most Out of Your Event Investment

Many people treat events as a limited-time happening. They register, show up at the appointed time and leave when it is over. Successful people realize that, in order to get the most out of every event, there are key things to do before, during and after the event. Over the past 25 years of attending events of all types, I have uncovered the five keys to getting the most out of your event investment.

Increased Success: Beating the Fear Demons

Fear can be a debilitating condition. I suffered through fear and all the nasty side effects that come along with it for most of my life since I was 18 years old. In the past, I let fear cost me relationships, jobs, businesses, money and so much more. Through my struggle, I realized there were four keys to understanding and overcoming fear that, when put into practice, lead to successfully managing fear and reclaiming your life.

Improved Relationship Quality: Your Journey to Authentic Empathy

If you are anything like me, you have looked at the concepts of understanding and empathy and believed they were one-in-the-same. What I have come to learn in recent years through some very painful experiences is the fact that understanding and empathy are not the same thing. Someone can understand you and still not be able to empathize with you. Also, I have discovered something deeper that changed my life. The feeling of authentic empathy. How would it feel for you to have people understand and empathize with you without them pitying you? How would your life be positively impacted if you discarded the stress of judgement? Would you like to know how to create lasting authentic empathy for yourself, for others and from others? Would you like to know some actions you could take if you do not experience authentic empathy for someone? Through my painful experiences, I have uncovered the answers to these questions and the keys to authentic empathy.

Unity: Why there is still hope for human unity.

Unity can be defined as a oneness of feeling among a number of people. In this case, the feeling we are focusing on is one of being part of the human race. When we internalize and accept the fact that we are all flawed human beings, we are more apt to understand and empathize with others, even when we disagree with them. It is where sayings such as, “let’s agree to disagree”, “if I were you, I’d do the same thing”, “I see what you mean” and many others come from. Over my life, I have uncovered what I believe are the five keys to Unity.