Here’s How I Can Help You

Event Wrapping

You are probably asking yourself, what is Event Wrapping? At its basic level, Event Wrapping is how I will help you to give your attendees mega-value so they walk away from your event feeling like they got more than their money’s worth. Over the past 25 years of attending events of all types, and producing some of my own, I have uncovered the four keys that take an event from good to great and that most people miss. The combination of these four key elements gives each attendee the best opportunity to get the most out of the event and their investment.


Events, podcasts, meetings and interviews on overcoming fears to increase success, improving the quality of your relationships by creating lasting understanding and empathy and reducing stress by focusing on what’s important.


Throughout 2021, I will be actively looking for two specific things to promote.

People from all walks of life who have experienced fear and have successful ways of dealing with fear or who help others focus on what is important (or both). These people can range from degreed professionals (psychologists, etc.) to people in the personal growth industry (coaches, mentors, etc.) to everyday people. The only criteria is that they have something that helps people deal with fear or focus on what important (or both.)

Software, tools, tips, techniques that help people focus on what is important. Some examples of what I will be looking for are; automation software for email marketing, something like the WCSW Journal/method, a great time on how to meditate successfully, and a great technique to manage choices. These samples only scratch the surface. If it helps people focus on what is important, let me know about it.

Websites, Email Automation and other Technologies

This service is focused on the people who help other people grow mentally, physically and/or emotionally. Specifically, speakers, coaches, mentors, consultants, psychologists, and other thought leaders. When it comes to technology, most likely you fall into one of three camps – Do-it-Yourself, have it Done-For-You, or something in-between. Regardless of which camp you fall into, an extra pair of eyes or an extra set of hands can always be useful. When we work together, you will be able to leverage my 25+ years of experience in the technology field along with 10+ years in the people-helping-people business to make more informed decisions faster.