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Chris M. Sprague is an emerging thinker among the art and science of building successful businesses. He can help you discover the leadership principles needed to help you believe in your ability to reach your potential and goals. As Chris helps you to commit to your long-term goals, he knows how to handle difficult and challenging situations and lead you to appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Chris M. Sprague is the coach, speaker, and teacher for your personal and business needs.

Carla Andrews, Mentor, Coach, & Consult with Leaders and Entrepreneurs and Business Owners on How to Strategically “Build+Brand™️” their Organizations and Businesses

Chris M. Sprague is an impressive, passionate, powerful and inspirational speaker. He is a Founding Partner in the John C. Maxwell Certification Program and skillfully combines humor, stories and content to entertain and educate his audiences. He leaves people equipped with the tools they need to improve their leadership ability and to drive lasting improvements that create greater success in today’s challenging environment. What impresses me most about Chris is that he walks his talk. Leadership is not found in position, it’s found in disposition. Chris has made it his business to invest in himself and work with some of the greatest teachers and coaches in the self-improvement and leadership industry. He remains a dedicated student and practitioner before becoming the teacher, and that’s what makes him authentic and credible. Chris has spent the last 25 years on a journey to discover his life’s-calling and now helps people discover their own. His servant leadership, coaching, training and mentoring services in the fields of sports, retail, information technology, entertainment and many others make him the ideal candidate to help you personally and your organization.

Christian Simpson, Internationally acclaimed thought leader in people leadership, personal development and professional coaching

I highly recommend Chris as a speaker for your work team, your business, your volunteer groups or if you just want to have someone in your corner, either to coach or mentor you on getting healthy, developing your leadership abilities or getting on track to your success path, Chris is your guy. He’s the real deal and is as passionate and genuine as they get – your success is truly his passion.

Herb Hentzen, The Legacy Guy and Hentzen Coaching

Chris is an upbeat person who recognizes the strengths in all people. He has an incredibly positive attitude that is contagious. He has the ability to determine what it is that people want from their careers, and has helped me a great deal in clarifying my vision for my future career pursuits. Chris has the knack for asking the right questions to quickly get you to the point of understanding your vision, mission and purpose in business and in life. He has excellent listening skills, and shows a great amount of care for the people that he meets. Chris would be an excellent speaker, coach and/or mentor for Entrepreneurs and businesses looking to increase profits, grow their business and connect with their customers and employees on a deeper level to create Raving Fans!

Patricia Kahl Talent Acquisition Consultant at Travelers

As a speaker and coach, Chris inspires and motivates people to understand, value, and experience their true potential. His life experience, leadership knowledge, and passion for achievement create a compelling environment for both audience and clients.

Dr. John Kempton, CEO, The Extraordinary Practice and Achieve 360

I have had the good fortune to meet Chris M. Sprague and see him in action. A consummate professional, Chris brings to both the stage and his projects, enthusiasm, clarity and wisdom. When Chris was speaking at an event I wasn’t watching a presentation, I was in the midst of an experience, one for which I am most grateful!

Deb Ingino, CEO, Strength Leader Development LLC

Since I met Chris in the Summer of 2011 I have had the pleasure of participating in a number of small group meetings and events with him. I have consistently found Chris as one able to energize a group and inspire participants to connect and channel their energies towards achieving common goals. I have added Chris to my “short list” of prospects when seeking a coaching or group dynamics specialist.

Edward “Ned” Smith, Senior Compensation Consultant at Five Below

I have had the privilege of being in the audience on 3 different occasions when Chris was a speaker. He has an incredible energy and passion that is clearly evident when Chris takes his place on stage. He is very natural and powerful in his delivery. He is clearly gifted as a public speaker.

Helen Ober, Founding Partner and Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team

I have had the privilege of seeing Chris develop from a quality speaker to an incredible one who brings passion and energy into the room. His enthusiasm for, as well as his knowledge of his subjects makes for potent presentations. Be prepared to laugh or cry, get ready to cheer and clap your hands, because Chris and his boots are ready to take to the stage to entertain, inform and inspire you.

Craig D. Chamberlain, Coach, Speaker and Trainer, CAIR Leadership, a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team

Chris M. Sprague is a fellow Founding Partner from the John Maxwell Team. I had the opportunity to meet him at the convention and we instantly connected because of his passion and warm personality that just light up the room. He speaks and listens from his heart and truly cares about people he connects with. Most of all, he adds value to you that will last a lifetime as we are still connected and will always be connected throughout this age. One of the best people I have ever met.

Augustus ‘Gus’ Young, Founding Partner, The John Maxwell Team

Immediately when I met Chris, it was very apparent that his purpose is to add value. He is very enthusiastic, energetic, and authentic. I’d recommend Chris for anything where forward motion is the desired result.

Peter Rondeau, Founding Partner, Coach, Teacher, Speaker, The John Maxwell Company