Websites, Email Marketing, Automation and other Technologies

This service is focused on the people who help other people grow mentally, physically and/or emotionally. Specifically, speakers, coaches, mentors, consultants, psychologists, and other thought leaders. When it comes to technology, most likely you fall into one of three camps – Do-it-Yourself, have it Done-For-You, or something in-between. Regardless of which camp you fall into, an extra pair of eyes or an extra set of hands can always be useful. When we work together, you will be able to leverage my 25+ years of experience in the technology field along with 10+ years in the people-helping-people business to make more informed decisions faster.

Whether it is your website, your email marketing, your videos or any other technology solution, there are three ways I can help you when it comes to technology.


When you engage me as a consultant, I will be your go-to tech-guy and sounding board. No more endless Googling. No more worry about if you made the right decision or not. No more endless posting in Facebook groups hoping for an expert response. I will bring my 25+ years in the technology business and my insatiable quest for knowledge to help you succeed and take the worry out of the technology portion of your business.

Project Management

When you engage me as a project manager, you get the best of both worlds. You can use more cost-effective people to do the work and I will take on the responsibility of making sure the work gets done. I will use my 20+ years of experience in managing projects to make sure your technology projects (websites, automation campaigns, etc.) get done on-time and on-budget.

Doing the Actual Work

Sometimes, there will be a project that makes more sense for me to just jump in and do it for you. Things like website creation, email marketing campaign automation, content distribution automation and video editing are a few examples of where this may happen. As a rule of thumb, this option will be used sparingly. However, if we find that this is the best model for your business, they at least it is an option.